High vs Low: Brow pencils 

High vs Low: Brow pencils 

Hi everyone! Today I thought I’d do a comparison post about brow products as I have recently been trying out some new ones. The ones I will compare are Benefit Goof Proof (higher end) and Maybelline Brow Satin ( lower end).

Let’s start with benefit:

So as you can see the pencil is angled and gives a fine line of product. The formula is quite waxy and is quite warm toned so if you have lighter hair it would be good however my hair is quite a dark brown so this shade is quite contrasting. The lasting power of this is pretty standard, it doesn’t last ages but it lasts long enough.Overall I’d say a 6/10 as it is okay but probably not worth the price.

Next is Maybelline:

This formula is very similar to the benefit one except I think it is a lot less waxy and more cool toned, which is better for me as I have cool toned hair and eyebrows. It also has a shadow end which I don’t use very much but if you have quite sparse eyebrows it could be handy. This does leave a few chunks so it requires a bit of blending but nothing major, and the lasting power is great. I went for a walk up a mountain on a hot day and my eyebrows remained intact! Overall I give this a 9/10 as it is so good but super cheap! 

So the obvious winner for me is maybelline as it is so much suited to me but that’s not to say Benefit is bad, this is still a very good product! 

Thanks for reading! 



Makeup Haul

Makeup Haul

Hello everyone, sorry we haven’t posted in a while. We’re back! Today I have a makeup haul for you. Lets start with highlighters:

The first thing is this makeup revolution palette for £8. In this you get three highlighters and they are all very pigmented. My personal favourite is the yellow tomed one as I think it will suit my skin tone best, however because of the variation of colours it can suit a lot of skin tones. 

The other highlighter is collections speedy highlighter in pearly sheen. This is very great because its quite shimmery but quite subtle, and just adds a nice glow. 

Next up is this makeup revolution primer. I’ve yet to try this but its looks good and is inexpensive. 

Next up is brows. I like to keep my brows simple with brow gels so I picked up a clear one and a tinted one. Not much to say about these except that they are easy, quick and effective.

Then I picked up this concealer, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and it was exactly what Inwas looking for; light but full coverage. 

Finally are these nail varnishes from Barry M. They’re opaque and nice colours, perfect fo school. 

top 5 favourite lipsticks

top 5 favourite lipsticks

Hey guys, today im going to be sharing my 5 favourite lipsticks with you. I’ve swatched them all above on a piece of paper and below they will be swatched on me. A lot of them will look very different on different skin so bare that in mind. 

The fist one is cashmere by lime crime. This is my favourite long wearing lipstick, on me its quite a dark nude with mauvey undertones. 

The next one is macs rooby woo. This is definitely my go to red, it has a blue undertone so suits pretty much every skin tone. Its also a retro matte which means it lasts ages. 

Next is my favourite ‘odd’ coloured lipstick. This is Halsey by mac and is a lovely blue toned grey, it works very well for people with warm toned skin but if you have cool tones skin it may wash you out. 

This next one is my favourite summer colour. For me its the perfect bright orange. It’s also a lot more affordable than the previous ones but still has a very long wear time. It also has very lovely mint smell. 

The final one is my ‘my lips but better’ shade. It is a browny toned nude but not too dark. Again it is very affordable and has a nice smooth creamy formula. 

I hope you liked this post, sorry for not posting in sooo long. 



Vegan pancakes 

Vegan pancakes 

Hi guys! Today is pancake day-the best day….and as I have recently been trying to be vegan-I’m going to do a recipe for vegan pancakes!


Self raising flour,Soya milk-my mum says “as much as you need until it’s a smooth batter”. So helpful. 

You’ll also need some topping. We mixed some berries and banana with maple syrup but you could do whatever.

Now you mix the milk and flour together until you have a smooth batter.

Pop your pancake in a pan and fry until golden brown on both sides. Don’t forget to flip!

  Now you can top your pancake and enjoy! Happy pancake day everyone!


Eyebrow threading 

Eyebrow threading 

My eyebrows are devilish. They are unruly and every time I pluck them I ruin them- so I tried threading and I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Threading is an ancient technique to quickly remove hairs in the face. It’s uses string and that’s it really. Personally I love threading as it is quick and a lot less painful than plucking. I thought I’d give you a run down on the important things:

Pain: 5/10

It’s so quick that you can’t feel each individual hair being ripped out of it’s  follicle,unlike plucking. There will be more pain if you’ve never plucked but it’s definitely not unbearable.

Price: I get mine done at Superdrug where it costs £5 for a thread and £8 for a tint. However you can get some for much cheaper and some for a lot more expensive. I would say, the more you spend the better it will be.


It’s quick,cheap,easy and these people know probably a lot better than you do what they’re doing. I’ve never had a bad eyebrow experience when getting them threaded and I’m always happy with the results. I would definitely chose this over plucking as the do such a good job. They will also trim your eyebrows-something I  have tried and failed(miserably) at. 

So that’s my view! Sorry it’s so short but I had to get something up!



Retro Makeup Tutorial 

Retro Makeup Tutorial 

Hi guys, lately I’ve been loving retro red lips and winged liner so I thought I’d show you my retro makeup tutorial. 

  The first thing I did was prime my face with the benefit porefessional primer. Then I applied my foundation and concealer with a damp sponge. 

Next I used the maybelline colour tattoo in permenant taupe with a small angled brush to fill in my eyebrows (this is a great dupe for the anastasia dip brow). 

Next I applied the colour super mom over my whole lid and the colour power player  in the crease from the tarte tartlette palette. 

Then I went on to eyeliner and mascara. My favourite mascara of all time is the Rimmel wake me up so I used that on my top and bottom lashes. I did a simple wing with a gel liner using the real techniques fine liner brush. 

Finally I applied my favourite part if this look, the lipstick. I used the gorgeous rooby woo from mac which id a retro matte red which means it stays in place all day and doesn’t smudge at all. 

And heres the finished makeup!


 I hope you liked this look ❤️




Updated skincare routine 

Updated skincare routine 

Hi guys! Alycia just did this post but I though I would as well because I’m feeling quite happy with mine. Skin is the largest organ so we should take great are if it.

Also before I start this can I just apologise for last weeks photos:truly some of the worst photos I’ve ever taken…

So in the morning I always start with my clearasil refreshing super fruits cleanser. This is such a good way to wake you up and I wash my face first thing in the morning. It has a smell of fruits and berries and is 1% salicylic acid(who knows). It’s really helped with my spots as I have been having some AWFUL break outs recently:(. 

If it’s in a night time I use the Liz Earle hot clothe cleanser because this is the best makeup remover EVER! I think these are better than micellar waters because it’s so quick. I actually really don’t like micellar waters because I just think they don’t really work-please leave your opinions down below! Anyway Liz Earle is an amazing brand-I also have her book which is amazing!

Next (for evening and morning) I use the Nivea refreshing facial toner. To be honest I have no idea what timers do but when the wet touches your face it feels quite nice so I use that-sorry for the ever so informative description:/. But this feels nice and hydrating!

Then I will use the Simple hydrating light moisturiser. This is 100% the best moisteriser I’ve ever used because it’s so light. I tried the rich one but it made my skin feel very oily rather than nourished. However,if you had dry skin I think that would be beneficial. This absorbs so quickly with no added shine or smell-it’s quite simple really… Sorry I had to:))

Finally I use a brow and lash rejuvenator because my eyebrows are pretty rubbish. They’re quite thick but when I was a young one I decide to pluck and trim them…never again will they be the same-until I used this! My eyebrows have grown loads! This was very expensive-£567 pounds for 100ml. My tiny bottle was £10 however I think it was worth it.

Thank you for reading-




Rip to David Bowie and Alan Rickman. They were to amazing people and they will be sorely missed 😦

Updated Skin Care Routine

Updated Skin Care Routine

Hello everyone, its been a very, very long time since I’ve written a post and so I thought I’d do an updated skin care routine. 



So the first thing I use in the morning is the Neutrogena visibly clear facial wash. This has helped my skin so much and I can really tell a difference when I have used it. The next thing I use is Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic just on a cotton pad. It really brightens up my skin. Finally in the morning I use the simple kind to skin hydrating moisturiser. I love this moisturiser because it is very light weight and not greasy at all. 


Firstly in the evening I use Liz Earle cleanse and polish and rinse it off with a muslin cloth and warm water. Then I use the first aid beauty face cleanser with cold water to close my pores. Finally I use the simple moisturiser again. And thats my skincare routine done. 



2015 beauty favourites 

2015 beauty favourites 

Hello, sorry that we haven’t posted since 2015(wink wink) but new year,new blog posting schedule! Today I’m going to do my 2015 beauty favourites. I don’t have that many so it’s not going to be a very long post. 

First I have a few skincare loves:

I have been loving the Liz Earle cleanse and polish as it just deeply cleanses the skin but the cocoa butter ensures that your skin isn’t dehydrated. And it’s all natural!

Next to go with this I loved the skin tonic instant boost by Liz Earle. This just adds a lot of radiance and hydration and I have been getting quite a few spots recently but this just clears them up!

Finally is the Nivea lip butter in raspberry-it is so softening and plumping and smells Devine!

Next is my make up favourites: 

My first favourite is the Rimmel London wake me up concealer. I really disliked the collection lasting perfection concealer as it was caked and pink but this is a light, yellow toned radiance concealer with a good coverage. This is my absolute favourite concealer and I’m yet to find a better one.

Next is the collection lasting perfection powder because even though I hated the concealer, the powder is mattifying but not carry at all. It’s also very affordable.

Next is the NYC smooth skin bronzer. This is very natural and matte which I liked a s I used to be quite scared to use bronzer a but this is so natural you just can’t go wrong.

I have two eyeshadow a which are the Collection nude pallette and the MUA eyeshadow in bronze. I feel like these really suit my eye and skin colour and they are both very pigmented.

For mascara I chose the maybelline the falsies and you can see how much I liked it by its appealing condition:/. This gives me volume and length like no other mascara and,with my wimpy lashes, is very hard to achieve.

My final favourite is MAC lipstick in velvet teddy. Yes I only just got this and yes it has beaten all my other lipsticks. I have wanted this lipstick for so long as it’s such a perfect nude for my skin tone. It is basically brown but it’s matte and actually beautiful and I’m obsessed! It lasts very well and doesn’t clump up like a lot of mattes. 

Thank you for reading and have a great 2016! 



How To:Nail That Hipster Af Instagram

How To:Nail That Hipster Af Instagram

Hi guys!! Sorry i havent posted in a while but I have been lazy. Yeah that’s it.

Anyway, today I thought I would do a post on how to make your instagram hipster af. Now I know the struggle; you look at everyones perfect instas and you need it. But you just cant get it. But dint worry the answer is here:

Step1: download a hipstery app to take and edit photos. Here are a few
• Vsco cam- pretty popular and quite good so yeah. Its also free for IOS and Android.

• Aviary- you can take and edit photos on here and you have a lot of features. Its akso free for IOS and Android.

•Instagram- umm duh

Step two: take your snap:

Okay now angles are everything. Lighting is your life. There will be haters but let them hate!

To take a picture of food:

Find an authentic cafe wuth nice clean tables.
Look at how the food is presented.
Decide which one would look best on your Instagram feed. Taste doesn’t matter.
Choose that .
For food lean right over the top and make sure it’s an exact birds eye view.

Now when editing-turn up sharpness and brightness. A little contrast will have a good effect but don’t go overboard. Use a low filter but none if possible.

Industrial shot-

You want this to be clean and authentic to really make you look unique. Snap people that are far away and even let a few cars in there. But tall buildings are the highlight.

When editing make it brighter and sharper and change the shadows slightly. Feel free to empathize the buildings with focus.

The Morning Shot-

Make sure your sheets are white and immaculate and you legs are artistically place around a black coffee and a magazine. This will make you look like a Starbucks snob. Make sure your mug is super original and unique. Your coffee is black or artistic.


Bright and white. Turn down saturation but turn up contrast and brightness until it looks good. Also increase white balance.

Thank you for reading this IRONIC post. Just kidding I’m literally this person. And make sure to add a quirky caption 😋.